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Have you ever been afraid of a monster in the dark? Elusive, hiding under your bed, skulking out of view whenever your parents shine a light.
That monster is very real for 8-year-old Elias. It’s coming for him. It is waiting, in the darkness, in it’s stronghold. Waiting, and plotting and biding it’s time, slowly exerting it’s influence all throughout his bedroom. Of course his parents don’t believe him, so there’s only one option left:
Call in the OrbWarriors!

Start the action now!

OrbWars is a fast paced, action oriented party game featuring easy to learn high intensity gameplay.
Set in a world in which reality and imagination slowly collide, team up with your friends and help Elias conquer his fears as you fight back the Monster in the Dark and it’s ever increasing army of henchmen.

Enter the battle

Master the Orb, the titular weapon of the OrbWarriors, and it’s unique form of combat. Become the mightiest OrbWarrior to ever exist and show your friends who’s boss: Battle it out with them in the versus mode “Last Toy Standing” and show off your skills or prove your prowess and dexterity by scoring on them in the versus mode “Flag Attack”.

A unique puzzle experience:

Simple yet challenging

Twickles is an original puzzle game with a minimalist aesthetic.

Navigate a ball through increasingly complex labyrinths by rotating individual tiles – or the entire board. Various elements may help you to achieve your goals or may turn out to be obstacles.

Twist your Brain ​

This mind-bending puzzle game will keep you occupied for hours.

It is seemingly easy at first sight, but soon you will find out about the challenging nature of the puzzles. Completing a Level does not mean you discovered it all: the real task is to complete a level with the lowest possible number of moves. How many moves do you need? Try it out now!

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